A unique 3-in-1 printed travel guide related to the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route, will be released at the end of June.  (English version will be available a few weeks later) The product is the first of its kind cycle travel map, dedicated to the famous Bulgarian cycle route along the Danube river to the Black Sea (route map).

Behind the development of the innovative product three teams are involved – the leader in the Bulgarian cartography Cartgeo Ltd., the graphic design studio “Bannerjiinica” and the Dunav Ultra team itself.

The map itself will be distributed physically across the country through the Bike Center and the Photopavilion commercial chains.

To make the product as comfortable and useful as possible, the information is a total of 32 pages, 20 x 10 cm in size. The technical information on the route’s displacement is visualized in an intuitive and interesting way.

The travel guide will contain cartographic information of the entire Dunav Ultra Cycle Route – from its starting point – the most northwest village of the country, Kudelin (Vidin district), to the end of the route – the most northeast settlement – the village of Durankulak (Shabla district).

Here you will find the most interesting places to visit in Vidin, Lom, Kozloduy, Oryahovo, Gulyantsi, Nikopol, Belene, Svishtov, Dve Mogili, Ruse, Glavinitsa, Tutrakan, Silistra, Dobrich and the region around Durankulak.

Some of the most distinctive features of the region along the Danube in Bulgaria is presented – including the fact that it was part of the so-called Danube Limes – the border zone of the Roman Empire (IV century BC), information about the Danube and Dobrudja folklore, typical for the region traditions, culinary and wine information.

The guide also presents the “100 Dunav Ultra Highlights – 2019” – the special selection of the most interesting places, sites, natural landmarks, animals and even food that you can visit, meet, shoot or literally try during the travel.

The most up-to-date and useful reference information has been added with accommodation places as well as logistical points – e.g. where you can get technical assistance and replace bicycle parts.

Interesting is also the CALENDAR part, which includes the top events organized in the region – the most interesting festivals that will take place around the route. Event info is up to date from the end of June to the end of October 2019.The travel guide will also be a useful tool for photographers after it became clear that at the beginning of August this year, Photopavilion and Dunav Ultra are preparing a photo contest with a prize fund, dedicated to the region near the northern border of Bulgaria.