Дунав Ултра

A 53-km section in the area of ​​Bulgarian Dobrudja enters the Dunav Ultra route

A brand new 53-km section in the area of ​​Southwestern Bulgarian Dobrudja region enters the Dunav Ultra route in 2021. The section includes the area around ​​the villages of Onogur, Efreytor Bakalovo, Telerig, Krushari, Ovcharovo and Paskalevo and has already been added to the so-called “Adventure” version of the route.

If you chose to cycle through this area you’ll be awarded with great landscapes and low traffic on а 100% asphalt road. Thus, this year the total distance of the long (adventure) version of the Dunav Ultra route increases to an impressive 740 km. The “short” – the so-called. The “Classic” version is becoming 711 km, and both variants offer varieties of a unique cycling adventure along the Danube river to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

By April 2, the last update of the route will be clear, together with the updated representative list of the “100 Dunav Ultra Highlights” – our special selection of the most interesting places to experience it, historical sites, food, animals, natural phenomena, etc. – all related to the identity of this part of Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Explore the latest version of the Dunav Ultra route and all settlements through which it passes HERE

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