The Danube town of Belene is а small Bulgarian city but has great and long history. In ancient times, the Romans built a military camp and a road station here called Dimum. Subsequently, the station grew to a strong military fortress and customs extending to several hectares. The thickness of the wall reaches the amazing 2.5 meters.

Over the years, the fortress has been attacked, captured, destroyed and restored by various tribes, nowadays in present days only a small part of this remarkable structure has remained visible to us. Interestingly, the change of the Danube river basin first overwhelms and then literally absorbs huge part of the wall.


Today, the northern part of Dimum’s fortress is mostly underwater. Local fishermen share the information that if the river level is very low, you can see parts from the wall at centimeters below the surface.

Fortunately for the visitors to Belene, you can see interesting restorations on the western and southern walls of Dimum, and the visitor’s center of Persina Nature Park is next to the remains.


If you are a guest of Belene, do not miss to visit the local municipality to “rent” electric bikes. We write in quotes, because here you can use the vehicles for 3 hours free of charge.

The Dimum site is one of the “100 Danube Highlights“, and was set as Checkpoint No. 3 of 10 for the upcoming Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 Cycling Adventure.

Stunning footage including Dimum and the Persina Nature Park can be viewed in a Dunav Ultra video trailer below.