Dunav Ultra 2019: Pre-registration last update

The process of pre-registration for the Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 event is near its end. Only a few days after the registration form was published, those willing to participate exceeded nearly two thirds of the 100 places/tickets.

The organizers have already announced that in order to guarantee the traditional high quality of the Dunav Ultra event, they will allow no more than 100 participants – amateur cyclists and adventure enthusiasts. All of them will gather in September 2019 in Vidin to take on a 680-km adventure challenge along the Danube River to the Black Sea.

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Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 is the sixth consecutive edition of the sport event on the Cycle Route with the same name – it is expected that in 2019 the event will be one of the most massive and attractive events even outside the country.

At the moment it is noticeable that enthusiasts who are willing to participate are ready to take on various personal challenges in all categories – to travel 680 km from Vidin to Durankulak for up to 48 hours, up to 5 days and even for more than 5 days – i.e., to be able to reach the endpoint successfully.

dunav ultraNearly half of the candidates are interested to participate in the “Individual” category. If you hesitate to go on a “solo” adventure during the Dunav Ultra event – note that many have already decided to do so.

Among the enrollment form, there is already a fully ladies team of cyclists, as well as mixed cycling teams. Until this moment, three teams are ready to take the challenge in one of the most colorful categories – “Team of 4 cyclists” and 10 participants from Romania are also among the adventurers.

dunav ultra ruse

The city of Ruse will be one of the most important stops during the event

In order to develop the Dunav Ultra  not as a cycle race, the event will also offer various tourist activities, among which the most interesting is the Dunav Ultra Passport, which the participants will have to “certify” in specially designated places. The cities of Vidin, Belene, Rousse and Silistra have already joined in their support for the Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019, they will seal the bicycle “visas” of passing travelers.

For the first time in the program of the cycling adventure, there are attractions like Persina visitor center with Dimum fortress, Basarbovo monastery, Tourist information center of Rousse, Srebarna Biosphere Park, Medjidi Tabia fortress in Silistra.

Specially shot videos with exceptional attractive footage from different locations along the Danube in Bulgaria and the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route will accompany the event’s advertising campaign.

All of them will be able to present the adventurous spirit of the event and the great Danube River, promise the organizers. We expect all the videos in the early 2019.


Srebarna nature park as part of the Dunav Ultra Challenge

The effective sale of the “start packages” is expected to be available from the end of November with prices up to 120 leva (60 euro) for the “Individual” category and up to 240 leva (120 euro) for a team formed by two cyclists.

As a reverberation for the most enthusiastic fans, everyone who pre-registered will be given the opportunity to buy a start package one week before the official start of sales.

Pre-registration is free of charge and can be done by 9.11.2018 inclusive HERE >>