Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019

Dunav Ultra : Via Pontica Cycling Adventure is the sixth consecutive edition of the annual challenge in support the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route.

The event is 683 km endurance self supported personal challenge along a predefined section of the route, without any racing element. Each team or participant follows its own pace and speed, and the categories are Individual, Team 2 cyclists, Team 4 cyclists.

The total time to travel is predetermined by the participant/team itself – up to two, five days and more than 5 days.

During the transition, each participant/team has to pass through pre-set checkpoints – popular cultural, historical, logistic or natural sites along the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route.

For the Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica edition, between the selected checkpoints are: The Baba Vida castle-fortress in Vidin, the ancient Roman city of Ulpia Oescus in Gigen, The Dimum Fortress in Belene, The Basarbovo Rock Monastery near Basarbovo village, The Memorial of Freedom in Ruse, Srebarna Biosphere Park in Srebarna village, The Medzhidi Tabia Fortress in Silistra.

Upon successful reaching the end point (the area of ​​Durankulak village, Black Sea), participants receive personal Dunav Ultra Certificates.

In 2019, the cause of the event is the promotion of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route, along with the settlements it passes through.




Official Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 photographers: Rumen Vachev, Dimiter Kalinovsky, Ivana Semovska
Dunav Ultra: All Rights Reserved


List of All participants reached the endpoint of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route  – the village of Durankulak, Black Sea

Tzvetan Chorlev 1d | 38 hrs | 00 min
Marius Chiscop (up to 48 hrs)
Nedko Stanev (up to 48 hrs)
Florin Lupu (up to 48 hrs)
Petyo Nikolov (up to 5 days)
Georgi Yanev (up to 5 days)
Lyubomir Spasov (up to 5 days)
Petar Nanev (up to 5 days)
Milen Georgiev (up to 5 days)
Martina Lazarova (up to 5 days)
Trifon Kaburov (up to 5 days)
Milen Shishmanov (up to 5 days)
Nikolay Kolev (up to 5 days)
Boris Varbanov (up to 5 days)
Ivo Frangov (up to 5 days)
Dobromir Spasov (up to 5 days)
Petar Blagoev (up to 5 days)
Hristo Hristov (up to 5 days)
Maria Dilova (more than 5 days)
Evelin Evlogiev (up to 5 days)
Georgi Hristov (up to 5 days)
Doncho Todorov (up to 5 days)
Mitko Ivanov (more than 5 days)
Svetoslav Hristov (up to 5 days)
Dian Kirov (up to 5 days)
Nikolay Alexandrov (up to 5 days)
Georgi Vasilev (up to 5 days)
Tzvetomir Tzvetanov (up to 5 days)
Anton Grigorov (up to 5 days)
Petar Shikov (up to 5 days)
Bistra Panayotova (up to 5 days)
Romeo Ciotec (up to 5 days)
Mihai Gerlach (up to 5 days)
Bogdan Marinescu (up to 5 days)
Georgi Georgiev (up to 5 days)

Team 2 cyclists

Svetoslav Andreev (up to 48 hrs)
Daniel Donev (up to 48 hrs)
Boyan Tzonev (up to 48 hrs)
Lyubomir Raikov (up to 48 hrs)
Mesud Mustafa (up to 5 days)
Mustafa Mustafa (up to 5 days)
Zhelyazko Zhelyazkov (up to 5 days)
Alice Staicheva (up to 5 days)
Valentin Uzunov (up to 5 days)
Christian Delev (up to 5 days)
Dimo Karaivanov (up to 5 days)
Vasil Garov (up to 5 days)
Nikolay Youchormansky (up to 5 days)
Galia Youchormanska (up to 5 days)
Dimitar Rusev (up to 5 days)
Ivailo Mihailov (up to 5 days)
Stanislav Simeonov (up to 5 days)
Rosen Todorov (up to 5 days)
Laurentiu Apostolescu (up to 5 days)
Alexandru Chiperi (up to 5 days)
Paul Popescu (up to 5 days)
Florian Dendea (up to 5 days)
Radu Hanganu-Cucu (up to 5 days)
Adrian Mihailescu (up to 5 days)
Cristian Airinei (up to 5 days)
Gabriela Airinei (up to 5 days)
Oana Trif (up to 5 days)
Claudiu Slabu (up to 5 days)

Team 4 cyclists

Bogdan Cepraga (up to 48 hrs)
Iulian Ene (up to 48 hrs)
Anghel Nikolae-Dan (up to 48 hrs)
Cristina Berna (up to 48 hrs)
Evtim Stefanov (up to 48 hrs)
Alexander Alexandrov (up to 48 hrs)
Ivan Stoyanov (up to 48 hrs)
Atanas Mihaylov (up to 48 hrs)
Daniel Stoica (up to 5 days)
Stefan Ionica (up to 5 days)
Ionel Boruga (up to 5 days)
Cristian Galma (up to 5 days)
Rositza Vutcheva (up to 5 days)
Martin Davidkov (up to 5 days)
Petar Mihaylov (up to 5 days)
Svetoslav Dimitrov (up to 5 days)
Tihomir Tonov (up to 5 days)
Plamen Mladenov (up to 5 days)
Georgi Vasilev (up to 5 days)
Atanas Velev (up to 5 days)

Dunav Ultrа: Via Pontica 2019
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