Just 48 hours after the announcement of the exclusive “Reservation” option for the Dunav Ultra: Follow the River 2020 event, half of the available “slots” are already occupied.

The forthcoming 7th edition of the Dunav Ultra event will be held in the first week of September 2020, and for the first time will offer two route options – “classic” and “adventure”. The second option is a surprise for fans of gravel cycling – crossing some stretches in this version will offer light off-road stretches and some exotic locations and villages near the Danube.

In 2020, the Dunav Ultra event has no any competitive element, each participant or team defining their own personal schedule for how long to overcome the 680 km distance. Currently, 60% of those who have booked have declared timetable within 5 days.

The Dunav Ultra: Follow the River 2020 launch of selling “Start Packages” is set for January 15th 2020. The number of “slots” will be limited to 150. One third of this quota is for participants from abroad – mainly from neighboring Romania, where interest in the event is also growing.

Traditionally, the event goal is to popularize different places and sites within the Dunav Ultra cycle route. By now it is clear that among them will be included in the cities of Vidin, Lom, Oryahovo, Belene, Dve Mogili, Rousse and Silistra – new ones will be added soon.

The “Reservation” option will be active until November 25, if you wish to take advantage – you can do it from HERE.