Dunav Ultra as part of the Next 10 of AFB Foundation

The Dunav Ultra Cycle Route is among the final selection of The Next 10: Supporting Ideas that Matter in the Next Ten Years – an initiative hosted by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The idea of ​​placing road signs and information boards along the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route, and especially those in less developed settlements and regions, won the support of the Foundation, in a competition of over 300 proposals in a total of 4 categories.

In brief: More about the Dunav Ultra Project

The selection of our project marks a new stage in the promotion of cycling along the Danube river and the Dobruja region in Bulgaria. The info boards and markings of Dunav Ultra will be interactive – they will lead to a free version of the multilingual mobile application Dunav Ultra, which will provide information about the tourist and logistics opportunities along the route, incl. “The 100 Dunav Ultra Highlights“, events, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, shops, services and other logistics points – part of the partner network of the route.

“Thank you for the trust of the America for Bulgaria Foundation! In practice, the work on this project will provide an opportunity for quality improvement of cycling tourism in the region along the Danube and Dobrudja regions in the country. This means that more people from Bulgaria and abroad will start experiencing the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route respectively to visit this remarkable area” – Boris Begamov founder of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route project said.

The work on executing project will start in January – 2021, and from then – until the effective placement of all materials, the implementation period is 18 months.

More about The Next 10: Supporting Ideas that Matter in the Next Ten YearsHERE

Мобилно приложение Dunav Ultra

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