Finally! Dunav Ultra Cycling Adventure 2019 – “Start packages” available online

From today official registration for the sixth consecutive annual bicycle adventure Dunav Ultra 2019 is available. The event is formed as the most popular mass event for cycling lovers of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route – a total of 680 km along the Danube to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

So far, the registration option was only valid for subscribers from Bulgaria and Romania, but as of December 4, any other candidate/team can buy a “Start package” effectively. (CLICK HERE)

The interest in the event is very high – although it will take place in the beginning of September 2019, 1/3 of the vacancies are already occupied by individual participants or teams from Bulgaria and abroad, according to the preliminary data. The organizers have already announced that they will restrict the sales of the “Start packages” up to 100.

Dunav Ultra 2019 will be a real cycling adventure in one of the most exotic regions of the Balkans and Europe – the one along the Danube River in Bulgaria, is clear from the Landing page dedicated to the event. The end point is the Black Sea region (near the village of Durankulak), and the motto of this year’s edition is Via Pontica – the symbolically exact crossing between the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route and the ancient Roman Black Sea Route (Via Pontica).

Dunav Ultra Cycling Adventure 2019 is not a race, the goal is to successfully pass the distance into a freely chosen by each participant (or team) time period – up to 48 hrs, 3 days, 5 days, or even more than 5 days.

The experience is unique, especially in a team, inform the organizers – this option is offered to those willing to take on a team of 2 or 4 cyclists. They are allowed to have car support – a team can organize an escort by its own costs.

The organizers will also offer special accessories for drivers who will make them part of the adventure. During the event, the participants will have to reach pre-designated tourist sites – some of the most interesting ones along the Dunav Ultra Cycling Route.

Among them is the Danube park with the Baba Vida Castle-Fortress in Vidin, the Freedom Square and the Tourist Information Center in Rousse, the Medjidi Tabia fortress in Silistra, the remnants of the Dimum fortress and the Persina Nature Park in Belene, the Srebarna Lake, the Basarbovo Rock Monastery, The Radetzky Ship, The Clock Tower in Svishtov, The Medieval Temple in Nikopol.

From the beginning of 2019 on the Internet will be published special video clips dedicated to some of the most interesting places – part of the upcoming event.  The Danube in Bulgaria will be presented as never to this moment, promised the organizers. The videos were realized with the support of the municipalities of Vidin, Rousse, Silistra and Belene.

It is in these cities that there will be additional special activities during the 2019 event, which the organizers keep secret at the moment. They will be linked to the “Dunav Ultra Cycling Passport” – through which the participants will collect special stamps.

Special bicycle clothes – a jersey, road maps, accessories, and logistics instructions during the adventure are part of the event’s “Start package”, which by December 31, 2019 is available for purchase at a 10% discount.

You can learn more about the event from its special Landing page HERE >>