The “Start packages” for the upcoming Dunav Ultra: Follow the River 2020 promotional event (1.9.2020) will be on sale from January 15th. The city of Vidin will be the host for the third consecutive year, and the cycling transition accompanying the event will register its seventh consecutive edition.

Interest is currently promising to be a record. In addition to the riders who will participate in the multi day cycle challenge, a day before its start (August 31, 2019) support teams, exhibitors and guests will arrive in Vidin. A special quota will ensure the participation of those wishing to join the event and the transition from abroad. In Vidin will be presented the new edition of the so-called. Dunav Ultra: Adventure Box – Everyone who has purchased the “Start Package” will receive the box as a special gift to the pack.

For the first time, participants will be able to choose between two modes (ways) of crossing the Dunav Ultra route – “Classic” or “Adventure” mode. In both modes, the total traveled distance will be approximately 680 kilometers.

Interestingly, the Adventure Mode will offer an alternative route for crossing in few sections – closer to the Danube River. Considering the fact that these sections don’t have a paved road, this option promises to be a great attraction, but especially suitable for those who will participate on a cross country type of bicycles, mountain bicycles, tourist bicycles or some types of electric bikes. By now it is clear that the area which will include the Adventure Mode is the section between Ruse and Silistra.

During the challenge days the ultimate goal for all will be to reach the area of ​​the village of Durankulak (Black Sea) – the northeast settlement of the country and the end point of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route. The beginning of the transition for all will be from Vidin.

In general Dunav Ultra is a unique type of challenge – it is not a race and does not have any prize pool. Each participant or team organizes by itself its own logistics, schedule, transportation etc. The initiative is a cause for the popularization of settlements along the Danube River in Bulgaria and the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route route itself.

Depending on the individual plan of each participant/team, this year’s edition of the transition will be issued certificates for those who completed the challenge: “up to 2 days”, “up to 3 days”, “up to 5 days”, “up to 7 days” and “more than 7 days”.

From the beginning of March, official checkpoints will be announced – the special places (generally popular local and/or national attractions) through which riders will have to pass. It is currently known that there will certainly be such points in Vidin, Lom, Oryahovo, Belene, Dve Mogili, Ruse, Tutrakan and Silistra.

For the purpose of the event, BDZ (The National Railway Company) will include a specialized transport wagon in the train composition with Sofia-Vidin direction.