Dunav Ultra Pool – We asked 100 cyclists

24 hours after the “opening” of the pre-registration option for this year’s promotional event Dunav Ultra: Back To The River 2021, we define the interest in those wishing to join the cycle adventure as high. We can already clearly distinguish the trend of those wishing to experience the Dunav Ultra adventure – both from Bulgarian and Romanian participants:

  • During the annual Dunav Ultra event, most Bulgarians say they want to take part in the “Individual” adventure (friends communicate each other in advance and sign up separately). For cyclists from Romania – the most attractive at the moment is the category “Team 2 cyclists”.
  • In both countries we have applications for participation of mixed teams in the most colorful category “Team 4 cyclists”.
  • The most popular types of bikes for the Dunav Ultra adventure according to the cyclists themselves are: 1. Classic road bike, 2. Adapted mountain bike or gravel bike 3. Touring bike.
  • For the first time we have applications from both Bulgaria and Romania for cyclists with a tandem bicycle (bicycle for two people).

Here is some interesting “logistical” information. Cyclists from both Bulgaria and Romania prefer standard hotel (two or three star) services, but guest houses in Bulgaria are also a desirable option for them. In general, there is no high demand for both – extremely cheap options for accommodation – and luxury ones – here the golden miggle is an undisputed favorite. At this stage there are only a few who want to use a tent during the adventure.

Amateur cycling is a social sport – in their free time, cyclists meet each other, eat, drink and have fun while practicing their hobby. When they are on a longer trip, they expect a normal welcome, clean bathroom, a smile and a comfortable bed. Whoever offered it to them – they are ready to warmly recommend or go back there again and the Dunav Ultra adventure proves it! For example, 30% of respondents have already experienced the route at least once! For some cyclists this year will be the second, third and even fourth time!

Most of our respondents expect to try local cuisine – Danube related or seafood. In a year that is a challenge for all countries – the participants in Dunav Ultra are motivated to join the adventure because of the company of friends, to be closer to nature, as well as to challenge themselves in the 700-kilometer distance of the route.

When asked how long they plan to travel the route, the result is arranged as follows:

  1. “Up to 5 days”
  2. “Up to 7 days”
  3. “Up to 3 days”
  4. “More than 7 days”

The extreme challenge “Under 48 hours” remains a boutique but desired category, according to preliminary requests – about 10 cyclists from Bulgaria and Romania will try to cover the distance from Vidin to Durankulak in less than 2 days. At the moment, the fastest cyclist on the Dunav Ultra route is the Bulgarian amateur cyclist Tsvetan Chorlev, reached the distance from Vidin to Durankulak in 38:00:00 hrs. (Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica, 2019)

* We remind you that the information above concerns our annual promotional event. This year (from the beginning of May) we are going to offer for the first time the so-called “Open Dunav Ultra Adventure”, where everyone will be able to buy “Dunav Ultra Adventure Box – Light ver.”, and then to travel the route with friends, at a freely chosen time of year.

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