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Kudelin Village, Bregovo Municipality

Check out the village of Kudelin.
It’s in the northwestern-most part of Bulgaria.
It’s only a couple of hundred meters away from the Danube River,
the natural and rather unique waterfront bringing together Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.
The village of Kudelin is a rather small, economically poor and sparsely-populated place,
something that is characteristic of most Bulgarian villages along the Danube.
However, what’s unique about Kudelin is that it’s the starting point of the “Dunav Ultra” cycle route.


Baba Vida Fortress, Vidin

Here we are, at the Baba Vida Fortress, the only fully preserved
medieval castle along the Danube River in Bulgaria. Situated in the town of Vidin,
this building was erected over Roman castle ruins. (the Roman town of Bononia).

Крепост Баба Вида, Видин
Крепост Баба Вида, Видин
Крепост Баба Вида, Видин
Крепост Баба Вида, Видин
Крепост Баба Вида, Видин

The Radetzky Steamship, Kozloduy

Check out a photographic series allowing you to catch a glimpse
of a sacred Bulgarian historical event in modern history.
When it comes to national memory, the steamship “Radetzky” is both a symbol and a vehicle.
It glides through the waters of the Danube River.

Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй
Параход "Радецки", Козлодуй

The Kozloduy coast

Amateur fishermen enjoying the  harvest of local seasonal fish.
Knee-deep in the frozen Danube river,
a couple of hundred meters from the town of Kozloduy.


The city of Lom

Two photos, literally meters away from the city center of the Bulgarian town of Lom
and its Danube river customs center.
The exact place where ice-breaking along the Danube river coast
could be heard deafeningly,  deeply and mightily.
Just as it should be.


The city of Oryahovo

Once you’ve cycled past the town of Oryahovo, it can be said that you’ve moved
in to one of the most under-developed, wild and unique part of the Danube river’s Eastern-European plain.
And that’s valid not just for Bulgaria, but for all of Europe – as a whole.
In this part of Bulgaria, the river’s banks abound in ports, bays, and swamp areas – living a life of their own.


The village of Leskovets

One of the bus stops, resplendent with Bulgarian symbolism, along
the Oryahovo – Leskovets village road.
The Bulgarian artist Donyo Donev’s caricature humor it is.


The village of Ostrov (Island)

A winter’s fairytale along the Danube river’s banks near the villages of Ostrov and Krushovene.
That’s as wild and as isolated as the Danube river gets in Bulgaria.


The village of Gorni Vadin

Entry-point towards one of the most isolated and forgotten populated regions
along the Danube river in Bulgaria.

Горни Вадин

Baikal village

The area around Baikal village is a natural habitat for small game and plant life.
The place itself is of pristine beauty and nature, where the Danub shines at its most organic self.


The Gigen village

Winter landscape in the region near the Gigen village.


Ulpia Oescus

The forgotten Roman city of Ulpia Oescus is
located next to the Danube in the region of the village of Gigen.
Oescus was certainly the most significant city in the Lower Danube region during the period I-III AD.
The city is compared in grace and architecture to Ephesus,
and its significance as national wealth is yet to be realized.
(See 20 HD Unique Photos by Ulpia Oescus)

Улпия Ескус
Улпия Ескус
Улпия Ескус

The village of Krushovene

A memorial to the dead aircraft pilots near the village of Krushovene.


The city of Svishtov

In 2017, the town of Svishtov is proud to celebrate the anniversary of its liberation.
After a unique landing – the Danube’s forcing by the Russian army
just 140 years ago Svishtov became the first Bulgarian free city.

Interestingly, the Russian army is organizing a crossing and attack across the Danube river
at the exact point where the ancient Roman city of Novae was founded almost 2000 years ago.
A fact that shows how important and strategic place is the region of the city
in more than 20 centuries of modern civilization.


The village of Novgrad

The Novgrad village in Northern Bulgaria is famous for the only remnant memorial
to the Russian communist leader Vladimir Ilich Lenin.
What’s so spectacular about this?
Well,  the memorial itself was preserved and subsequently donated to the village commons by the lady,
who inherited the post-communist territorial allocation of the space.


City of Rousse

In recent years, besides one of the most beautiful ones,
Rousse is also one of the most dynamically developing cities in Bulgaria.


City of Silistra

The Danube town of Silistra has a glorious history and has played a key role in its centuries-old existence.
In 169 AD. Mark Aurelius proclaimed Durostorum as a self-governing city – minicipium.
At that time, it was made for extremely important centers of the Roman Empire.
(In the picture: Patriarchal Basilica of Damian, at the time when Durostorum was inherited from the Bulgarian town of Drastar)


Refurbished chariot from the 3-rd century of a prominent citizen of ancient Durostorum.
Archaeological Museum of Silistra


In the region of Silistra, the Danube is an extremely powerful and wild river.
The winter stream is stifled by cold and sometimes the ice forms become giant blocks.


It is amazing how these days only a few meters from each other in the center of Silistra you can see a mall,
2000-year-old Roman walls and an original Soviet T34 tank.


City of Dobrich

The town of Dobrich is the last big city on the way of the Danube Ultra Cycle Route
to General Toshevo and the village of Kardam,
and hence for his opening to the Black Sea Finals in the area of ​​the village of Durankulak.



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