Dunav Ultra 101: Medzhidi Tabiya Fortress, Silistra

Mezhidi Tabia Fortress (Turkish Fort Abdul Medjid) is an impressive historical attraction along the Danube River in Bulgaria. Located in the area of the city of ​​Silistra, the fortress is also one of the most interesting sites on the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route. Whether you are a continental bicycle traveler or you are Dunav Ultra fan – the site is one of the most interesting POI around. 

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The facility played an important role as part of the “Danube” fortification system, near the northern border during the Ottoman Empire. The fort was built on the plans of the German engineer Helmut von Moltke, and in 1847 he accepted the name of Sultan Abdul Medjid I who visited the site. The chef masters came from the town of Dryanovo, and the construction is performed by local stone-carvers.

The site was used effectively during the Crimean War, and it is interesting to note that at that time the famous Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy also took part in the battles surrounding Medjidi Tabia. Later on, there were warfare and fierce battles during the Russo-Turkish War (known in Bulgaria as Russo-Turkish War of Liberation).

At present days you will see very well preserved corridors, tunnels, bunker-like halls and hidden niches in the visitor part of the fortress. In some halls and in the yard are exposed interesting archival and weapon exhibits.

Mezhidi Tabia fortress is an incredible historical site, which is also present in the upcoming “100 Dunav Ultra Highlights” guide.