Overcoming the Dunav Ultra cycling route in less than 48 hours, on Single Speed bicycles

On July 11, 2015, two amateur cyclists Boris Begamov (46) and Petar Zlatkov (32), started an unusual cycling challenge. They planned to overcome the 682-kilometer then Dunav Ultra cycling route within 48 hours.
The action was complicated because they planned to cover the distance with bicycles without gears (Single Speed bikes, ed. Note).
The challenge was named Dunav Ultra 2: Hungry For Speed with a Cause to promote the settlements along the Danube River in Bulgaria and the transcontinental cycling route Euro Velo 6.
The two cyclists managed to reach the distance from the Village of Kudelin to the endpoint in Duranlkulak, recording a time of 44:40:00 hrs. As a result, the campaign resonates widely on the Bulgarian Internet as “A Crazy Facebook Reality.”

Photographer: Anastas Tarpanov
Dunav Ultra. All Right Reserved.


Dunav Ultra Cycling Route.
740 km along the Danube River banks to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.