Dunav Ultra: Follow the River is the seventh edition of the annual promotional event supporting the Dunav Ultra route. The cycling transition accompanying the event is not a competition. Therefore, there was no prize fund in it.

During the transition, cyclists pass through pre-announced checkpoints – popular cultural, historical, logistical, or natural sites – some of the attractions along the DU route.

For the current edition, the Checkpoints are Baba Vida Castle-Castle in Vidin, Lomsko Pivo Brewery in Lom, Diko Iliev Square in Oryahovo, Ulpia Eskus Roman Town in Gigen, Dimum Fortress in Belene, the ancient town of Nove near the town of Svishtov, the monument to Philip Totyu in the town of Dve Mogili, the fountain The Boy with the Hydra in the city of Ruse, the Fishermen’s neighborhood to the town of Tutrakan, the architectural reserve Durostorum / Drustar in the town of Silistra.

The event’s cause continues the promotion of the Dunav Ultra route, together with more than 110 settlements through which it passes.


Official photographers: Ivana Semovska, Dimiter Kalinovsky, Rumen Vachev
Dunav Ultra 2020. All Rights Reserved.


Веломаршрут Дунав Ултра.
740 км по поречието на река Дунав до Черно море в България.

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