dunav ultra

August 31, 2020, Vidin, Bulgaria
700 km Self Supported Bicycle Experience

7-consequtive edition

Dunav Ultra: Follow the River was the seventh consecutive edition of the annual promo event in support of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route. The event took place in Vidin, Bulgaria when 100 cyclists from Bulgaria and Romania joined the 700-kilometer adventure in a multi day cycle experience.
Alexander Alexandrov (Bul) reached the end point of the route – Durankulak in 38:00:00 hrs and the oldest participant Petar Dimitrov (73) completed the distance in so-called “Up to 7 days” gap.



Official photographers:
Ivana Semovska, Dimitar Kalinovski, Rumen Vachev
Dunav Ultra. All rightrs reserved!

Certificates was delivered to all participants who reached the end point of the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route.

Complete list:

Up to 48 hrs

Alexander Alexandrov, solo, 39:40:00 hrs
Georgi Yanev, solo
Antoni Lozanov, solo
Bogdan Ceapraga, solo
Cristian Manaila, solo

Up to 3 days

Georgi Georgiev, solo
Svetoslav Dimitrov, solo
Christian Delev, solo
Radoslav Radev, solo
Kalin Ivanov, solo
Georgi Hristov, Team 2 cyclists
Georgi Georgiev,Team 2 cyclists
Banko Bankov, solo

Up to 5 days

Vera Apostolova, solo
Venera Smilenova, solo
Petar Ivanov, solo
Атанас Ангелов, solo
Anton Konakchiev, solo
Krasimir Kirilov, solo
Evelin Evlogiev, solo
Petar Rashev, solo
Ivailo Haralampiev, solo
Georgi Tukov, solo
Krasimir Hubenov, Team 2 cyclists
Stefan Yovchev, Team 2 cyclists
Konstantin Partalozov, Team 2 cyclists
Yoana Partalozova, Team 2 cyclists
Asen Antonov, Team 2 cyclists
Svilen Stefanov, Team 2 cyclists
Nikolay Djzhenkov, Team 2 cyclists
Todor Kirilov, Team 2 cyclists
Nikola Dimitrov, Team 2 cyclists
Pavel Georgiev, Team 2 cyclists
Konstantin Boshnakov, Team 2 cyclists
Angel Ganchev, Team 2 cyclists
Andrei Mihailov, Team 4 cyclists
Adelina Lilova, Team 4 cyclists
Svetlin Lilov, Team 4 cyclists
Svetoslav Drohlev, Team 4 cyclists
Viktoria Trifonova, Team 4 cyclists
Bozhil Saraliev, Team 4 cyclists
Rositsa Voutcheva, Team 4 cyclists
Martin Davidkov, Team 4 cyclists
Petar Mihaylov, Team 4 cyclists
Svetoslav Dimitrov, Team 4 cyclists
Florin Vijoaica, solo
Alexandru Miclut, solo
Iulian Ene, solo
Claudiu Slabu, Team 2 cyclists
Oana Trif, Team 2 cyclists
Horia Dersidan, Team 4 cyclists
Daniel Stoica, Team 4 cyclists
Konstantin Stanca, Team 4 cyclists
Madalin Resceanu, Team 4 cyclists

Up to 7 days

Marina Vladimirova, solo
Alexandru Chiperi, Team 2 cyclists
Amalia Ghenciu, Team 2 cyclists
Petar Dimitrov, solo
Elena Atanasova, Team 2 cyclists
Albena Efterova, Team 2 cyclists
Doriana Milenkova, solo
Stilian Radev, Team 2 cyclists
Yordan Yordanov, Team 2 cyclists
Dimitar Dinchev, Team 2 cyclists
Daniela Dincheva, Team 2 cyclists
Dobrinka Dimitrova, Team 2 cyclists
Stoyanka Tzvetkova, Team 2 cyclists