dunav ultra roman empire


Pushing off from the western-most part of the country, the Dunav Ultra trail is as much a cycling route through the most incredible nature spots in Eastern Europe, as it is a time travelling tour through the ages of Roman history.

Literally, every bike stop you get, will be a resting place somewhere in history. The Roman Empire, in this part of the world, tended to sequester territories under its possession via the geographical borders which rivers and seas provided.

The Danube River, therefore, was a natural choice as a waterfront boundary vis-a-vis the northern barbarians – the Dacian tribe, the Huns, and then the Proto-Bulgarians.

Then came the Byzantines and the Slavs and Ottomans, and they are well-represented along the Dunav Ultra cycling route as well. At the top of the historic chain is Communist era and you can feel it in an exotic way.

Dunav Ultra is a bike trail of reminiscence through most of European history. In no other place on the old continent, cycling through a country, along a river, is tаntamount to turning back the pages of secondary school history textbooks.

Most places have grown upon each other, on top of each other – organically shifting features and identities as they evolved.

You can be back in the 1st through 4th century CE, the 4th through 14th century CE, or you can fast forward to the 20th century – it is essentially your choice.