Dunav Ultra Cycle Route is the largest tourist bicycle route Bulgaria. The route connects the most Northwest populated settlement of Bulgaria – the village of Kudelin (near Bregovo, Bulgarian-Serbian border) and the most Northeast populated settlement of the country – the village of Durankulak (near Vama Veche, Bulgarian-Romanian border).
The route bears the name of the Danube (Dunav=Danube in Bulgarian) as on its “classic” version goes more than 500 km close/next to the River.

As the Danube valley in Bulgaria is not so populated region in present days, the area is wild and beautiful in an exotic way.  Enjoy our gallery  related to the Dunav Ultra route, and feel the Bulgarian spirit of the Great River.

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dunav ultra

The horizont over the Danube in front of the Batin island; Ruse district


The rock church of St Stephan; Nikolol


The Danube river port near the Telegraph kapia; Vidin

After the Danube was here; the village of Mechka area, Ruse district

Close view of the legendary Danube mud; the Esperanto Island, Oryahovo district

the river port of the village of Ryahovo; Ruse district

the Danube sunset in Ruse

The circle of the Nature; near the village of Sandrovo

The morning steam over the Danube; Dolni Tzibar, Valchedrum district

The Danube sunrise near the village of Leskovetz; Oryahovo district

Traditional Bulgarian diner in front of the Danube with hosted by the famous Bulgarian art Gallery owner Neicho Savchev; Oryahovo

Good luck in fishing; Kalimok-Brashlen near the Nature 2000 zone

The Danube dinner on Ponton 6; Vidin

The “Seven Generations” vineyards & chateau located near the village of Mechka; Ruse district

The Olympia ship; the village of Vardim, Svishtov district

An adventure on an e-bike, backpacks and goats; Nikopol district

Around the fire in Prista park, Ruse district

Between two worlds – Earth and Water; the village of Popina, Silistra district

The Danube sunset view from “The Stone” area; Oryahovo district

Remains of the Roman castle & fortress Dimum; Belene

A view to the Romanian land; the village of Batin area, Ruse District

Bulgarian traditional dance & ritual in front of the Danube; Tutrakan

The Danube weekend near the village ov Gomotartzi; Vidin district

The colors of the Danube – Savchev’s Gallery; Oryahovo
Painted by Georgi Paunov – Paunetz


Dunav Ultra adventure
Photographies and text
Boris Begamov

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