kainardja fountrain

The historical fountain from Kainarji joined the Dunav Ultra Travel Guide

The historical fountain built in the Bulgarian village of Kaynardja (Silistra district) entered the Travel Guide *”100 Dunav Ultra Highlights“. The location gains popularity as part of the history of the continent – after the fifth Russian-Turkish war (1768-1774) the Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji between Russia and the Ottoman Empire was signed here.

The fountain was built 118 years later at the same place where the contract was signed by the trustee of Empress Catherine the Great, Piotr Rumyantsev, and the trusted face of Abdul Hamid I, the Grand Vizier, Muslimsmed Mehmed Pasha.

Today the place has been turned into a small tourist park, where there is a monument of Empress Catherine the Great, a bust of Count Rumyantsev and a memorial plaque dedicated to the historical events.

* The “100 Dunav Ultra Highlights” Travel Guide offers the most interesting places along the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route.

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