Pre-registration for Dunav Ultra: Back to the River 2021 starts soon

On Monday, January 25th – pre-registration for participation in the promotional event Dunav Ultra: Back to the River 2021 starts. (2.9.2021, Vidin) The event is the only cycling adventure of its kind along the Danube River in the Balkans – It will be held for the 8th year in a row, in order to promote the cycle route “Dunav Ultra” and the settlements from which it passes.

This year we expect a record number of participants from Bulgaria and Romania to join the cycling adventure, for this purpose we are in process to deliver new surprises in our Start Package – the so-called Dunav Ultra Adventure Box. (watch the Adventure box HERE)

Pre-registration is FREE, it allows those who will sign up now to get the option to buy the Adventure box a week before the actual start of its sales. In addition, pre-registration allows you to use a preferential discount of – 10% of the price of the Start Package.

Sales of the Adventure box for Dunav Ultra: Back to the River 2021 will begin in early March.

Мобилно приложение Dunav Ultra

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