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Pre-registration for Dunav Ultra ’21 now is open

From today up to February 16th, a free pre-registration for the cycle adventure Dunav Ultra: Back to The River 2021 is open. This year it is the 8th in a row edition of the event, and will be held on September 2 in Vidin. The next day (September 3) will be the beginning of the mass cycle adventure along the Dunav Ultra route.

The pre-registration process is a compliment for the most passionate followers of Dunav Ultra project to buy the Starter Kit – Dunav Ultra Adventure Box 2021 – one week before the official start of its sales, along with -10% discount on the price of the kit. According to the rules, the kit is a mandatory condition to register to the event officially and to receive a certificate if the cyclists rich the end point of the route – Durankulak.

Those which are going to participate will be able to do in the 3 categories: “Individual”, “Team 2”, “Team 4”. For the teams – the requirement is the pre-registration to be made by the team captain.

The quota for participants living outside of Bulgaria is up to 40 cyclists.

Pre-registration can be done HERE >>

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