Three new sites enter the list of most interesting places along the DU route

Since 2018 on April 2 we are presenting an up-to-date list of the “100 Danube Ultra Highlights” – a special selection of historical sites, interesting places, natural phenomena, animals and food – part of the identity of our cycle route.

The selection is based on our research, on the general condition of the sights, their maintenance and the feedback given to us by the participants in the annual Dunav Ultra Adventure.

As the new season approaches, three more new sites apply to enter this year’s edition of the 100 Danube Ultra Highlights – 2021 and these are:

The wall of khan Asparuh between the town of Lom and the town of Kozloduy: The wall builded by the founder of the Bulgarian country khan Asparuh was huge structure and one of the three walls built as an artificial barrier, outlining the western border of the Old Bulgarian Empire (VII A.C.). Nowadays, the our route crosses from west to east and perpendicular to the exact place where the barrier/wall was located, thus symbolically entering the borders of the proto-Bulgarian state.

The house-museum of the voivode Philip Totyu in the town of Dve Mogili: The historical chronicles said that with the battle of the detachment of Philip Totyu (1867) near the village of Varbovka (central Balkan), the organized military movement for the Liberation of Bulgaria started. For the first time it was Totyu’s guerrillas who put a metal lion on their hats (a national Bulgarian symbol later), and their original battle flag – the prototype of the present Bulgarian national flag, can be seen today in the house-museum Philip Totyu in Dve Mogili – the place where the voivode spent the last years of his life.

The northern and southern beaches of Durankulak are the last sandy beaches on the territory of Bulgaria. These are some of the wildest places bordering the Black Sea north of Shabla. Between the two beaches is the Cosmos campsite – the physical point where Dunav Ultra welcomes all the participants experiencing the annual Dunav Ultra Adventure. (on the picture)

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