ulpia oescus fortuna

Have a look at the statue of Fortuna (Ulpia Oescus) in a unique 360-degree tour

Fortuna is the goddess of fortune and the personification of destiny in Roman religion – the cult of her has been depicted from Ancient times to the Renaissance.

The goddess might bring good or bad luck, hence she has been represented in different forms, depending on how the contradictory forms of fate were to be presented in the relevant situation.

Sometimes Fortuna is blindfolded and cascading coins, and another time she holds the horn of plenty in one hand and a sword in the other.

The largest exhibited statue of Fortuna in Bulgaria (nearly 2.5 m) was found in the temple of Fortuna, in the ancient Roman town of Ulpia Oescus (now the village of Gigen), which is one of “the 100 Dunav Ultra Highlights”.

Now we can rediscover Fortuna and see the statue, through a very interesting 360-degree virtual tour, among the exhibits of the National Archaeological Institute with the Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Explore in 360-degree VR gallery HERE>>

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