The “Kozloduy” video clip was shot during the last edition of the Dunav Ultra Cycling Adventure. The video includes footage of the great monument built in meters from the Danube coast (near Kozloduy) in honor of the work of the Bulgarian poet and national hero Hristo Botev.

The memorial itself was built in 1939 and presents a 20-meter-long obelisk structure. The monument is lined with white stone and on its front side (against the Danube River) the profile of Hristo Botev is made. The video also contains footage of the Radetzky Ship museum.

This year, a record number of cyclists from four countries gather in Vidin for the sixth consecutive edition of Dunav Ultra Cycling Adventure (6.9.2019). All of them will visit Botev Park and the place from the video, as part of the condition to pass through a total of 10 predetermined control points from the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route before to reach its final point – the village of Durankulak (Black Sea)