The 8 th consecutive edition of Dunav Ultra is coming

Dunav Ultra: Back to the River is the name of our annual promo event this year. It will take place on September 2 in Vidin (Bulgaria) and will bring together – those who love adventures along the Danube – cyclists from Bulgaria, Romania and other countries. The next day, on September 3, will be the start of all the cyclists.

Sale of the Start packages (option to register to the event )– the so-called “Dunav Ultra Adventure Box” will start at the end of January, a quantity of 100 boxes will be offered for participants from Bulgaria in different categories – Solo, Team 2, Team 4. An additional quota will be filled by participants from Romania and other countries. All participants who will overlap the Dunav Ultra route and reach its end point – Durankulak will receive a certificate.

At the end of April, for the first time, the sale of a “light” version of our “Adventure Box” will start. This will enable an opportunity to everyone to create its own personal Dunav Ultra Adventure and to experience the route in a randomly chosen summer/autumn period of the year. In this version, the Dunav Ultra certificate also is not tied with any time period, the adventure can be divided even by stages in different periods of the summer/autumn.

For the first time at the end of this year, all those who have obtained a personal Dunav Ultra certificate will participate in a game with a Grand Prize.

* Fun fact! The name Back to the River is inspired from a song  of the rock band The Pretty Reckless. Listen to the song in the video…

Мобилно приложение Dunav Ultra

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