Dunav Ultra Mobile Application

This mobile application is specifically created to help cyclists while traveling along the Danube in Bulgaria as Dunav Ultra or Eurovelo 6 travelers.

Downloading the application, you will receive helpful information as the latest track layered on a Google map, a description of the 14 stages of the route, GPS coordinates of over 250 recommended logistic points: lodging, local shops, restaurants, interesting places to visit, the 100 Dunav Ultra Highlights and more valuable information.


Mobile Application created especially for you

The Dunav Ultra Free Mobile Application is a digital guide, created specifically for our route.

The application includes a detailed description of the route in two variations – Adventurous and Classic, the 100 Dunav Ultra landmarks and GPS coordinates of over 250 logistic points – places, lodging, shops, and bicycle services.

What you get with the app?

Main functionality



The Dunav Ultra Track in two variations – Adventurous and Classic. Filter by type. Geolocation of the type “Find My Location”, with all main logistic points in your proximity radius.



Geolocation of recommended places on the route. Selected restaurants when you can try the best example of typical Bulgarian local food. Marked with an icon, you’ll find the places where Dunal Ultra beer is offered.

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Recommended by us lodging places. Geolocation and main information on “bicycle friendly” guest houses and hotels. Information on places with discounts with the Personal Dunav Ultra Card.



Description of the 14 stages of the Dunav Ultra Route. Tracks and directions for the Adventurous and Classic route. It’s a must if you plan to travel along the Danube in Bulgaria.



Do you need first aid for your bicycle? Recommended services and spare parts shops on the route. Business hours of the shops.



Convenience stores in the small settlements. Retail outlets for goods of various needs. Geolocation and business hours of the shops.

Discover the hidden  Danube in Bulgaria


The 100 Dunav Ultra Highlights

The 100 Danube Ultra landmarks are our annual selection of the most interesting sites along the route. In the application, you will find everything about: Natural, historical and cultural landmarks, flora and fauna, traditional recipes, interesting sites and “secret” places.

Support from the America for Bulgaria Foundation

Promotion of the Dunav Ultra Mobile App and the route is a cause supported by
America for Bulgaria Foundation

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