Dunav Ultra - №1 Bicycle Route in Bulgaria

We are Dunav Ultra. The longest cycling route in Bulgaria. We offer you a unique trip to the most exotic region along the Danube River on the continent. Our cause is the promotion of over 110 settlements – villages and towns, through / nearby which the route passes.

Dunav Ultra Mobile App - Your personal travel guide

A detailed description of the 14 stages of the route, a map, the 100 Dunav Ultra highlights, and GPS coordinates of over 250 recommended logistics points: restaurants, accommodations, grocery stores, bicycle repair shops, and more…

Dunav Ultra Cycle Jersey

The Dunav Ultra Jersey is the flag of our route. It makes us recognizable in small towns along the route. The blouse is created with a comfortable cut for beginner cyclists and those leading an active lifestyle. Its colors are inspired by the environment along the Danube and the Dobrogea region of Bulgaria.

Дунав Ултра


We are the longest tourist cycling route in Bulgaria. Its starting point is the village of Kudelin, Vidin district, and the final village is Durankulak on the Black Sea. More than 500 km the route overlaps the Eurovelo 6 route.


Our cycling route is one of the most exciting experiences of its kind in the Balkans. To travel in a unique way, we created a Personal Dunav Ultra Card, a Cycle Passport, and a special kit – an Adventure box.


Our Dunav Ultra Mobile Application is your trusted personal guide. Everything most interesting along the route in your pocket. Download the App and start an unforgettable adventure NOW!

Are you ready for an adventure?

Dunav Ultra is a unique journey – a “time travel” experience by bike. Are you ready to dive into the most exotic section of the Danube on the continent?





Mobile Application

The Dunav Ultra mobile application is your personal guide while traveling along the route.
The application will guide you through more than 100 settlements.
Restaurants, accommodations, grocery stores, natural and historical sites, information about the wildlife along the route, and all the “hidden” places.


Dunav Ultra personal guide

In the application, you will find: Detailed description of the route, a dynamic map with both tracks (classic and adventure versions), the 14 stages of the route, the 100 Dunav Ultra highlights and GPS coordinates of over 250 logistics points, and recommended places.

Personal Dunav Ultra ID Card

The map guides you along the route and provides the opportunity to use special discounts at places recommended by us. It is personalized with your names and is an integral part of your Adventure box. You need the card if you want to get a Dunav Ultra Certificate.

Dunav Ultra Adventure Box

Products and souvenirs specially created for you. The kit contains accessories and incl. Personal Dunav Ultra ID Card and Cycling Passport with 15 predefined checkpoints.


Dunav Ultra Cycling Route
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Danube Ultra Cycling Route. 740 km along the Danube to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.