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Dunav Ultra is the longest cycle route in Bulgaria. It runs for a total of 732 km (455 miles) along the banks of the Danube River (Dunav, in Bulgarian) until it reaches the Black Sea. The starting point of the itinerary is the northwestern-most corner of Bulgaria, namely the village of Kudelin and the end point is the most northeastern point of the country the village of Durankulak.



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The Dunav Ultra Cycle Route passes through 89 modern-day settlements in Northern Bulgaria, including the Danube towns Vidin, Lom, Kozlodyu, Oryahovo, Svishtov, Ruse and Silistra. Wheiter you are an Euro Velo bicycle traveller or passioned world explorer you have to know – The Dunav Ulta cycle route is one of the most amazing locations to travel with a bicycle on the continent. Check out our Discover section for more!



Since 2014 we organize the one and only 680 km bicycle adventure annual event – along the Danube River to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Our Dunav Ultra Cycling Challenge is one of the most attractive adventure events on the Balkans. The event’s main goal is to successfully cover the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route on a bicycle – individually or in a team. Participants are obliged to do so 100 per cent under their own steam.



Our cause is to popularize the Danube region in Bulgaria via the Dunav Ultra cycling itinerary. Although the Danube subsequently passes 10 countries it is only at the Balkans that the river pristine nature shines through. On account of its numerous cultural, historical and natural attractions, the region and the bicycle route acts as a magnet for bike travelers all over the world.



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Premiere! The first Official Dunav Ultra 2019 teaser is HERE

The first official teaser of the growing popularity in the country and abroad – the “Dunav Ultra Cycle Adventure” is already on the Internet. The video is part of the advertising campaign of the event, which will take place in the late summer of 2019.

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Dunav Ultra 2019: Pre-registration last update

The process of pre-registration for the Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 event is near its end. Only a few days after the registration form was published, those willing to participate exceeded nearly two thirds of the 100 places/tickets.

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Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 – Pre-Registration form is HERE

From today until November 10th, the pre-registration for Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 2019 (680 km Self Supported Cycling Challenge along Danube to the Black Sea) is available online. The pre-registration is a compliment to the candidates, who follow and await the Dunav Ultra Cycling Challenge with the greatest interest. In fact, by completing the registration Form, you will be allowed to purchase a “Start Package” a week before the official start of the sales.

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Dunav Ultra 101: The Nikopol Fortress and today’s Shishman Gate

If you are a Danube bicycle traveller in Bulgaria, the town of Nikopol should be one of your stops during your cycle journey. It’s not only because the upcoming hilly terrain to the next bike stop (the tillage of Vabel), with it’s long centuries of history, Nikopol has few interesting places to visit it. One of them – the Shishman’s Fortress and it’s Gate is such a interesting site from our Dunav Ultra Cycle Route .

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Medzhidi tabia

Dunav Ultra 101: Medzhidi Tabiya Fortress, Silistra

Mezhidi Tabia Fortress (Turkish Fort Abdul Medjid) is an impressive historical attraction along the Danube River in Bulgaria. Located in the area of the city of ​​Silistra, the fortress is also one of the most interesting sites on the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route. Whether you are a continental bicycle traveler or you are Dunav Ultra fan – the site is one of the most interesting POI around. 

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