732 km along the banks of the Danube river
to the Black Sea

Dunav Ultra is the longest cycle route in Bulgaria. It runs for total of 732 km (455 miles) covering the distance close to the Northern border of the country – along the banks of the Danube river (Dunav, in Bulgarian) to the Black Sea. The starting point of the itinerary is the northwestern-most corner of Bulgaria, namely the village of Kudelin and the end point is the most northeastern point of the country the village of Durankulak.



The Dunav Ultra Cycle Route passes through/near 107 modern-day settlements in Northern Bulgaria, including the Danube towns: Vidin, Lom, Kozloduy, Oryahovo, Belene, Svishtov, Ruse, Tutrakan and Silistra. More than 500 km  from the Dunav Ulta route overlaps the Eurovelo 6 transcontinental cycle route.



Since 2014 we have been organizing a 680 km bicycle challenge event – along the Danube River to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Our Dunav Ultra Cycling Challenge is one of the most attractive events for amateur cyclists on the Balkans. The event’s goal is successfully to cover the Dunav Ultra route as solo participant or in a team.



Read about it and see the “The 100 Dunav Ultra Highlights” – our special selection of points of interest witch present the identity of the Dunav Ultra experience – natural parks, monuments, museums, areas, food, animals, birds and wine.



Discover the beauty of the Danube region of Bulgaria. Enjoy our special selection of photos taken all over the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route



Jump into the atmosphere of Ulpia Oescus – one of the most important towns along the Danube during the Roman Empire period II-IV AC. Walk through and read the incredible story of Oescus – the “hidden” pearl of the  Dunav Ultra Cycle Route.



Watch our special selection of videos present one of the most interesting towns, sites, monuments and locations along the Danube river in Bulgaria – The Baba Vida fortress, The Rock monastery of Basarbovo,  The Roman fortress Dimum, the town of Silistra and more…



10 in one: Explore all the checkpoints for Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica 19

On September 6, a total of 100 amateur cyclists from four countries gather in Bulgarian city of Vidin. The event is named Dunav Ultra: Via Pontica and is a personal adventure that promotes the tourist route of the same name – Dunav Ultra. During their personal journey, cyclists will travel a total of 683 km. Although their travel is not a race, the fastest ones are expected to cover the distance in less than 48 hours. The main group of participants is expected to reach the Black Sea in the Durankulak village region within 5 days.

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Dunav Ultra: To the Beautiful Blue Danube

The final trailer supporting the sixth edition of the Dunav Ultra Cycling Adventure is here. The video is entitled “Тhe beautiful blue Danube” and contains exclusive material shot in the cities of Vidin, Ruse, Silistra, Belene, Svishtov and Kozloduy. The video advertises some of the most interesting places – part of the Dunav Ultra Route, in the accompaniment of Johann Strauss’s classic music.

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