Dunav Ultra is the longest tourist cycle route in Bulgaria – 740 km along the Danube to the Black Sea. The route connects the most northwestern and the most northeastern villages of the country. (from the village of Kudelin, Bregovo municipality to the village of Durankulak, Shabla municipality) Its trajectory covers 107 settlements in Bulgaria – 17 towns and 90 villages.


The Dunav Ultra Cycle Route covers a total of 107 settlements (17 towns and 90 villages) along the Danube River from Dobrudzha region to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. The feeling of local culture, nature, traditions, landmarks, and exotic places make the trip along the route an unforgettable experience.


Throughout the journey along the Dunav Ultra Route you will encounter landmarks from the time of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the First and Second Bulgarian Empires, the Bulgarian revival and Communism. The adventure includes visiting the “100 Dunav Ultra Highlights” – our special selection from natural and cultural-historical landmarks,sacred places to museums, nature reserves, flora, fauna and even our favorite selection of tipical food.


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Experience on your own the atmosphere of the Dunav Ultra Route. Check our special selection of photos for a unique virtual journey along the route.


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Classic or adventure? Explore on the map the places along the Dunav Ultra Cycle Route and plan an individual trip or group adventure with friends.

Dunav Ultra Pool – We asked 100 cyclists

Dunav Ultra Pool – We asked 100 cyclists

24 hours after the "opening" of the pre-registration option for this year's promotional event Dunav Ultra: Back To The River 2021, we define the interest in those wishing to join the cycle adventure as high. We can already clearly distinguish the trend of those...

Pre-registration for Dunav Ultra ’21 now is open

Pre-registration for Dunav Ultra ’21 now is open

From today up to February 16th, a free pre-registration for the cycle adventure Dunav Ultra: Back to The River 2021 is open. This year it is the 8th in a row edition of the event, and will be held on September 2 in Vidin. The next day (September 3) will be the...

Дунав Ултра веломаршрут 2017 г.

Dunav Ultra Cycle Route

Total length: 740 km (Adventure version)
Places: 107 (17 cities, 90 villages)
Pavement: asphalt, pavement, side roads, country roads
Overall length: 711 km (Classic version)
Places: 89 (18 cities, 72 villages)
Pavement: asphalt, paved roads