A 530 km bicycle race along the Danube river in Bulgaria

In 2017, the official Dunav Ultra event took the form of a 530-kilometer bicycle endurance race along the Danube river – only that part from the whole Dunav Ultra Cycle Route. The event bears the name Gladiators on Bikes, the start was in the village of Kudelin and the finish line was in the town of Silistra.

This cycling race involved 10 participants who had to deal with some unusual rules where external technical help and support were not allowed. A total of 4 “checkpoints of death” were included that needed to be completed in a certain time. If not reached on time, that led to immediate disqualification.

The finish line in the town of Silistra was reached only by 4 participants in the following sequence: 1. Yordan Stavrev  2.Iveta Alexieva  3.Stanislav Hristov  4.Ivan Radev.

Photographers: Anastas Tarpanov, Milena Licheva
Dunav Ultra: All rights reserved.