Overcoming the Dunav Ultra cycling route in less than 48 hours by road bike

On May 2, 2014, three amateur cyclists – Boris Begamov, Petar Zlatkov, and Emil Shukadarov started together in a unique adventure with a common goal – to successfully overcome the 682-km distance from the Bulgarian village of Kudelin to the village of Durankulak by bicycle, within 48 hours.
The initiative was named Dunav Ultra, and only a few days before the start of the challenge, none of the three enthusiasts rode a road bike.
During the transition, participants move without logistical or other support. The experience was accompanied by an online and Facebook campaign, which gained popularity among their friends and specialized cycling circles.
For Zlatkov and Shukadarov, the challenge ended 150 km before the endpoint – they decided to end their participation in the region of Silistra.
Begamov continued alone and reached the endpoint in the village of Durankulak, unfortunately with time significantly outside the preliminary plan – 53:00:00 hrs. The Dunav Ultra cycling route was born!


Dunav Ultra Cycling Route.
740 km along the Danube River banks to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.